Warner Bros. CEO Talks 'Batman'

Warner Bros. CEO Talks ‘Batman’ Filming Halt, ‘Tenet’ Release Amid COVID-19

Since Warner Media Studios and Networks Group mind Ann Sarnoff marks annually in the company in which she had been recently raised to a high position overseeing all articles, she consented to a set of interviews on Thursday linked to the launch of Christopher Nolan’s much-discussed and oft-postponed Tenet.

Hours before she was put to start talking with the media, the coronavirus pandemic intervened once more, with information that filming Matt Reeves’ The Batman at London had closed down again following celebrity Robert Pattinson allegedly tested positive for COVID-19.

The studio had hoped to maintain the attention on Tenet, which opens now where it could from the U.S. after launch globally last weekend into some better-than-expected $53 million-plus out of 41 markets (Los Angeles and New York City theatres stay off limits for now). In addition, it increased the awkward question of if patrons must risk going into a movie theater in a period when a production which was in concept carefully controlled confronted a shutdown. (Cinemas happen to be open in several of countries which have done better in dealing with the pandemic compared to U.S. with no known outbreaks so far.)

Sarnoff has quite a full plate — a disappointing launch of HBO Max, altering business models, massive reorganizations, and total disturbance and displacement due to the COVID-19 — and Tenet is a huge gamble for her team. Nolan is a ferocious advocate of this cinematic experience, and it has insisted on a big-screen debut. At exactly the exact same time, Disney is experimenting with Mulan, another big-ticket film out this week, providing it for $29.99 to readers on its own streaming service at the U.S. and other select markets.

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The launch comes at the conclusion of a challenging summer for the business and amid much chaos within WarnerMedia, that continues to be thinning its positions in reaction to the financial realities of this COVID-19 pandemic and changes in customer behaviour.

Even trickier, possibly, is that the return to production for films and TV shows.

Warner Bros. is excited to acquire picture sets began again, imposing rigorous protocols to stop outbreaks as requirement for content climbs.

But there has been a drawback. The studio recently declared shooting Matt Reeves’ coming franchise reboot”The Batman” in Britain, but closed down it Thursday later Robert Pattinson, who performs with the caped crusader, tested positive for COVID-19, according to a individual familiar with the subject that wasn’t licensed to comment.

Sarnoff declined to comment on the epidemic, citing privacy issues. But she stated she’s not concerned about the choice to come back to production.

“If something does occur, we’ve got protocols,” she explained. “We’ve got contact tracing, etc., to have the ability to handle and also to pause and then restart. I really don’t believe anything will be back to normal till we undergo the pandemic.”

“Tenet” debuts at 2,800 theaters during Labour Day weekend following a strong $53-million premiere from 41 foreign countries. At stake is the future of this theatrical film business, which was already under stress from the increase of competition from at-home amusement choices. “The issue becomes who seems comfortable going to films and that does not,” Sarnoff said.

Sarnoff this week watched the movie with the General Public in the Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas at Greenwich, Conn..

“It was fairly complete but not in a manner that made you uneasy,” she explained. “And I really did get popcorn and I discovered a way to consume it while maintaining my mask — that I was quite pleased with.”

The general public health crisis has spurred a wave of experimentation for Hollywood, especially in regards to the way that amusement companies obtain their films to the general public. “It had been quite powerful,” Sarnoff said, without giving earnings amounts.

“But we’re in a mind-set… to experiment and find out,” she explained. “And particularly when you’re in an unprecedented period, you want to have more shots in that. I’m all about that invention and allowing people creative juices flow”

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